Assume you have some text file (e.g. a log file) and you open it in a vim editor and hit the command


It will output a result in which you can move with j and k keys and when you move to the bottom a green sentence Press ENTER or type command to continue will appear.

I understand it somehow, that I can use some commands with the result, but don't know how to find what I can do with it.

One action I'd like to do, is to save the lines to the new file.

Of course you could use a command

$ grep aaa file.txt > new_file.txt

but is it possible from the vim editor directly?


It is possible to do this through a multi-step process.

Within vim:

:redir > new_file.txt
:redir END

See :help redir from within vim.

The :redir command can also append to an existing file by modifying the first command.

:redir >> new_file.txt
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    Or one could use :vimgrep and :grep with :copen. – JdeBP Jan 6 '17 at 8:05

The way I do it is to reverse the :g into :v and do :v/pattern/d, then copy the resulting text into a register with 1GVG"ry and finally undo the :v with u. Now the matched lines are safely in register r.

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