I am using mutt to read emails from 2 accounts Gmail and Yahoo. I notice that if I mark, for example, 3 of my yahoo emails for deletion, and then press, say F2, to switch to Gmail, Mutt will ask me whether I want to purge those 3 messages before syncing the yahoo account; it will not switch to gmail until the next F2 press though.

However, Mutt will not ask the same question if I mark some Gmail emails to delete and switch to yahoo; it automatically expunges the marked-to-be-deleted messages. If I press the dollar symbol $ or quit Mutt, it will still ask to purge messages.

Why is the difference?

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    Hi @roaima. Yes I am using IMAP for both of them.
    – Ken Brown
    Jan 5, 2017 at 13:16

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The behavior of asking for purging is the default. It should only not occur if you have set delete=yes somewhere. However, the fact that this only happens for one of the two accounts suggests that you are using two different configs.

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