What does the RHEL developer suite (offered free of charge if I am not mistaken) compared to other RHEL versions that are offered with payed subscriptions?

(besides the support of course)

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    To the people voting to close this as opinion-based, I'm curious why — there is a factual list of differences... – Stephen Kitt Jan 4 '17 at 8:54

You should find answers to your questions in the FAQ. In summary, the no-cost Developer Suite includes one physical entitlement for

  • RHEL Server (all currently supported versions)
  • Software Collections
  • Developer Toolset
  • Container Development Kit

So with one Red Hat Developers account you can register one physical system (with as many VMs as you want). The contents of the downloads are the same as those you'd get with a paid subscription. You also get access to the customer portal and knowledgebase, and portal groups (for discussion). You can only use the no-cost subscription for development and single-user testing, and as you mention there is no support.

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