I can connect to a hidden network knowing the SSID that the router/hotspot has set:

nmcli con add type wifi ifname $INTERFACE con-name $CONNECTION_NAME ssid $SSID
nmcli con modify 802-11-wireless.bssid $CONNECTION_NAME
nmcli -p con up id $CONNECTION_NAME

It is not possible to have a blank ssid with non blank bssid:

nmcli con edit hidden-wifi
nmcli> remove 802-11-wireless.ssid 
nmcli> set 802-11-wireless.bssid 11:22:33:44:55:66
nmcli> save
Error: connection verification failed: 802-11-wireless.ssid: property is missing
  1. Is it possible to connect with nmcli to a open hidden wifi without providing the SSID? (but the BSSID instead).

  2. If so how to connect with nmcli without providing a password?

PS: I am already able to connect with wpa_supplicant.

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You always need an SSID. A hidden network is not a network without SSID, it's a network that doesn't broadcast it's SSID (unless solicitated).

You don't need anything special with hidden Wi-Fi networks.

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