I create a script, paste data in it, saving, executing, and delete:

vi ~/ms.sh && chmod +x ~/ms.sh && nohup ~/ms.sh && rm ~/ms.sh



function myFunc {


myFunc ()

How could I properly run only myFunc, in the background or alternatively, in another process? If it's even possible?


You can use a shell function pretty much anywhere you can use a program. Just remember that shell functions don't exist outside the scope in which they were created.

f() {
    sleep 1
    echo "f: Hello from f() with args($*)" >&2
    sleep 1
    echo "f: Goodbye from f()" >&2

echo "Running f() in the foreground" >&2
f one

echo "Running f() in the background" >&2
f two &

echo "Just waiting" >&2

echo "All done"
exit 0

You run them in the background as in any other shell command or script with a & at the end.

Bash and similar shells also allow you to combine commands with ( and ) such as:

(command1; command2) &

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