I want to take my old notebook while travelling. I have to boot up only from usb or cd though. I want to connect to the internet using usb tethering from my android phone (HTC Desire + cyanogen mod 7.1)

If connect my android phone to my Windows 7 computer via usb cable and turn usb tethering on Windows does the rest and I am connect to the Internet.

Can I be autoconnected (usb tethering preferably) to the internet using any live usb/cd linux/unix distro? Which one?

I'll be creating the usb from Windows7.


NetworkManager can connect you automatically if it's configured to do so. And it comes with most modern distros, such as Fedora or Ubuntu. I recommend using live USB so that you can retain the configuration between boots.


I use Xubuntu 16.04, and I find that it allows USB tethering from my Android device out of the box, no configuration needed. That is, I connect the Android device through USB, turn on USB tethering on the Android device, and the computer is online almost instantly. This also works when booting from a live USB.

I suspect that this should also hold true for nearly any other modern Ubuntu based distro, and possibly even most modern GNU/Linux distros.

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