I have followed all the instructions on the Github page for the Arc-Dark theme in the process of creating a custom desktop, but I still cannot activate the theme.

I have installed all the dependencies and set the proper options in the gnome-tweak-tool. I have restarted my machine as suggested, but none of my changes take effect. What am I missing in order to install this theme?

Edit: My original install was Lubuntu, and then I installed GNOME and then XFCE. From there, I created a new desktop environment by creating /usr/local/bin/custom_desktop:

plank &
pcmanfm &
hsetroot -full ~/Pictures/temp_background.jpg
netwmpager &

I also created /usr/share/xsessions/custom_desktop:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Custom Desktop

To activate the theme, install unity tweak tool with this command : sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool. Now open unity tweak tool and you'll find your theme in the theme section. Just click on it and it will be activated (I just tested it on my computer).

All the themes you install can be activated with unity tweak tool.

  • I tried to install the unity-tweak-tool, but it keeps on complaining about not having com.canonical.desktop.interface. I also updated the question a little bit about my setup. I never had a Unity DE on my system before. – rafafan2010 Jan 15 '17 at 17:11

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