I cannot remember this command (and googling was unsuccessful), but there is a way to get the list of actions performed by a process, that outputs something like

  # listprocessactions -p 1234
  0.321 Open "A" /var/log/nginx/supersite.log
  0.322 Write to /var/log/nginx/supersite.log
  0.401 Close /var/log/nginx/supersite.log
  0.555 Opens TCP connection with slashdot.org

I'm interested in the files aspect (open / RW files).
The question is what is that command (and if possible in which package on deb / ubuntu)


You want strace(1) for that; it lists all the system calls made. See the manual page for details on various ways to present the trace data.

You might also find ltrace(1) useful if you want inter-library calls rather than system calls traced.

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