I need to re- set up a password protected, project repository in my Mac OS X after it was wiped due to hardware issues.

I followed these steps

  • Installed the Xcode Command Line version
  • Installed Macports using the installer package
  • Installed all the other necessary packages
  • Installed git-svn

Now, I want to use my old ssh keys. Hence I added them to the ~/.ssh and set the permissions correctly (0700 for ~/.ssh, 0644 for .pub and 0600 for the private key). I am uncertain about the next steps to take. From what I read, I have to add the keys to the ssh-agent by

> eval "$(ssh-agent -s)"
> ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa

I then tried checking out the svn repository by svn co <repository> but encountered an error :

> svn co <repository> <Directory>
Authentication realm: <repository> Document repository
Password for '<username>':

Am I missing any steps?

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I figured out after talking to the owners of the code :

  • There is an anonymous user just to checkout the code. Not permitted to push any changes.
  • There is also the specific users who are given the permission to make changes. When I was trying to re-checout the repo, I inadvertently used a different username that wasnt registered. My mistake.
  • So, all I did was, defined my ~/.gitconfig, and checked out the repo with the correct username.

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