I'm trying to install Sprite Illuminator on my fedora, originally there's not RPM so i just converted a .deb file to rpm using alien. then, i tried to install the rpm using dnf but i was getting this message:

Error: nothing provides libHQX.so.1.0.0()(64bit) needed by spriteilluminator-1.3.1-2.x86_64
(try to add '--allowerasing' to command line to replace conflicting packages)

After that, i searched the library, compile and installed it using the normal way (make), but when i try to install sprite illuminator, the same error continues, what can i do to tell dnf where the library is?


Forget the RPM.

  1. Extract the deb file. You will have two files: data.tar.xz and control.tar.gz

    $ ls
    data.tar.xz control.tar.gz
  2. Extract the data.tar.gz. It will create a folder named data who contains an 'usr' folder and some subfolders

  3. Copy this folder inside /usr

    $ cd data
    $ cd usr
    $ sudo cp -R * /usr/

And SpriteIlluminator will be available and working

  • I must delete my answer, tomas? – utrescu Mar 27 '17 at 21:54

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