Having some problems simply trying to delete files using gphoto2 from an MTP-PTP device. I'm in Ubuntu-Mate.


If I list files using gphoto2 --list-files I get

There is no file in folder '/'. There is no file in folder '/store_00020002'. There is no file in folder '/store_00020002/DCIM'. There is 1 file in folder '/store_00020002/DCIM/100PHOTO'.

#1 FOO_0008.MP4 rd 83232 KB video/mp4 There is 1 file in folder '/store_00020002/DCIM/Camera'.

#2 20161222_130348.jpg rd 604 KB image/jpeg There are 2 files in folder '/store_00020002/SYSTEM'.

#3 Device.xml rd 1 KB application/x-unknown

#4 license.txt rd 199 KB text/plain

In my case the file number is 1 and I issue

gphoto2 -d 1

which returns the following error

*** Error ***   There are no files in folder '/'.
*** Error (-2: 'Bad parameters') ***

Perhaps i am interpreting the usage incorrectly?

Usage: gphoto2 [-?qvalLnPTDR] [-?|--help] [--usage] [--debug] [--debug-loglevel=STRING] [--debug-logfile=FILENAME] [-q|--quiet] [--hook-script=FILENAME] [--stdout] [--stdout-size] [--auto-detect] [--show-exif=STRING] [--show-info=STRING] [--summary] [--manual] [--about] [--storage-info] [--shell] [-v|--version] [--list-cameras] [--list-ports] [-a|--abilities] [--port=FILENAME] [--speed=SPEED] [--camera=MODEL] [--usbid=USBIDs] [--list-config] [--list-all-config] [--get-config=STRING] [--set-config=STRING] [--set-config-index=STRING] [--set-config-value=STRING] [--reset] [--keep] [--keep-raw] [--no-keep] [--wait-event=COUNT, SECONDS, MILLISECONDS or MATCHSTRING] [--wait-event-and-download=COUNT, SECONDS, MILLISECONDS or MATCHSTRING] [--capture-preview] [--show-preview] [-B|--bulb=SECONDS] [-F|--frames=COUNT] [-I|--interval=SECONDS] [--reset-interval] [--capture-image] [--trigger-capture] [--capture-image-and-download] [--capture-movie=COUNT or SECONDS] [--capture-sound] [--capture-tethered=COUNT, SECONDS, MILLISECONDS or MATCHSTRING] [--trigger-capture] [-l|--list-folders] [-L|--list-files] [-m|--mkdir=DIRNAME] [-r|--rmdir=DIRNAME] [-n|--num-files] [-p|--get-file=RANGE] [-P|--get-all-files] [-t|--get-thumbnail=RANGE] [-T|--get-all-thumbnails] [--get-metadata=RANGE] [--get-all-metadata] [--upload-metadata=STRING] [--get-raw-data=RANGE] [--get-all-raw-data] [--get-audio-data=RANGE] [--get-all-audio-data] [-d|--delete-file=RANGE] [-D|--delete-all-files] [-u|--upload-file=FILENAME] [--filename=FILENAME_PATTERN] [-f|--folder=FOLDER] [-R|--recurse] [--no-recurse] [--new] [--force-overwrite] [--skip-existing]


Try :

gphoto2 -f /store_00020002/DCIM/100PHOTO -d 1

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