We have few Esxi 5.0 server (with 64GB memory in each srvr) & snmp is enabled. As per my research there is no oid for used/available memory OID, it have only hrMemorySize.0. Therefore in order to calculate used memory, I am trying to get memory used by all processes by using bash script which does the math too.

USEDMEM=`snmpwalk -v2c -c PUBLIC -m "/cfg/mibs/HOST-RESOURCES-MIB" $HOST |grep hrSWRunPerfMem. | awk '{print $4}' |  awk '{ sum += $1 } END { print sum }'`
RAW_MEM_BYTES=`echo "scale=3; $USEDMEM*1024" |bc -l`
RAW_MEM_GB=`echo "scale=3; $RAW_MEM_BYTES/1073741824" |bc -l`
echo $USEDMEM Kbits
echo $RAW_MEM_BYTES Bytes

Resulting ...

66858364 Kbits
68462964736 Bytes
63.761 GB

But on ESXI client I can see only 60 GB used. Same happening if I try to collect used memory of windows server using above script. It's probably some calculation forumla mistake? I have tried to used * 1000 in calculation but still in-correct results. Its happening with ESXI and Windows Server too If I try to calculate used memory by hrSWRunPerfMem. For windows I have many other ways to get used memory as there are standard snmp oids for this purpose. but for this esxi (5) server, I am clueless :(

How can I get accurate results?

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