I've installed the linux-grsec kernel on my machine via pacman. While I can edit grub's settings at boot time by hitting 'e' at the bootloader menu, the updates I make specifying which kernel and ramdisk to use are ephemeral, and don't persist after a reboot.

How can I make these changes persistent?


In /etc/default/grub Section GRUB_DEFAULT

'GRUB_DEFAULT' The default menu entry. This may be a number, in which case it identifies the Nth entry in the generated menu counted from zero, or the title of a menu entry, or the special string 'saved'. Using the id may be useful if you want to set a menu entry as the default even though there may be a variable number of entries before it.

More Informations are shown by command info -f grub -n 'Simple configuration'

After modifying don't forget to update your Grub-Konfiguration. update-grub

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