I am using kde 5 with oxygen theme.

I like this theme. However, like most themes, lacks a resize button in the window title bar.

I have looked into customizing the theme, but have had no luck: I can not find where the title-bar icons are stored. I can not figure out any documentation. All of which seems to start out simple then suddenly drops deep in, it assumes that I know what it is talking about, it does not even say what language the code is in, or where it goes.

Can anyone tell me where to start? Do I just need to add an icon? If so how? Do I need to do more to enable the functionality? (note the functionality is found in the horribly ugly “BII preview” theme, but non of the nicer themes. )

I am using Gnu/Linux, Debian 10 (Buster), and plasma 5

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  • Sorry for asking a potentially stupid question: What is a "resize button" supposed to do? You resize windows on their edges, so what do you need a button for? – Philippos Aug 30 '19 at 7:56
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    @Philippos good question. Why: Because if the edges are small, then they are hard to grab. If they are big then they wast too much screen space. I use the border glow to be able to see the edge, but want smaller borders to save space. What: I twm (the original one, that came with X11), you don't grab the edge. There is a button in the title bar. You click it, and move the mouse, the first X and first Y border that you hit, become attached to the mouse for resize. – ctrl-alt-delor Aug 30 '19 at 9:18

KDE Documentation:

  • KDE v5 theming documentation is available here and here

  • KDE v5 window decorations documentation is available here

KDE 5 Theme:

KDE themes may not include the icons for the title bar (window decorations), this is managed by the kwin_x11 window decoration; this theming feature is configurable under:

KDE System Settings Panel (systemsettings5) > Appearance/Application Style > Window Decoration

You can as well download other themes from there with the button Get New Decorations... as shown on the linked documentation.

Oxygen theme do include window decorations and if it's not displayed you should be able to select the proper decorations (button skins) under systemsettings5 (KDE System Settings Panel) otherwise you may be missing the package kwin-decoration-oxygen

Window decoration themes are location in multiple folder (this may differ depending on the used distro)


For more detail on how to implement the decorations style you can have a look at the oxygen sources (note that oxygen theme do include window decorations)

Note: main themes are stored in ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/ and or system wide, on /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/ (this may differ depending on the used distro).

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