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I need to copy 150 file from a directory containing 900 files. I have the name of all 150 files in a text file, list.txt. How can I do this in Linux?

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You can try this with rsync

rsync -av --files-from=list_of_filenames.txt SOURCE_DIR DESTINATION_DIR/

notice the trailing space on the destination dir. rsync works from your current working directory so the file paths in your file list must be relative to that.


Just loop over the file and copy:

while read file; do cp "$file" /path/to/target/dir; done < list.txt

If list with your file paths are already escaped, you can use the following command:

cp -v $(<list.txt) dest/

If your list is too long, then use a while solution as suggested in other answer.


I will do like this:

for f in `cat filenames.txt`; do cp $f destination; done

Where you replace destination with the destination for you files. Often I insert a echo after the do to verify my command is correct by making a dry run.

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    This will fail if any of the file names contain whitespace. You could fix that by quoting the $f, but then it would still fail for file names with newlines (although, admittedly, that won't be an issue if the file names are in a list). As a general rule, never use a for loop to iterate over things like this. This is bash pitfall number 1. – terdon Dec 22 '16 at 14:06

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