I've written the following script:


SINGLE=`cut -c 7-13 Data.txt`


for i in ${SINGLE}; do
    if [[ -r "${i}_Forward_Trimmed.fa" && -r ../REVERSE_COMP/"${i}_Reverse_RevComp.fa"]]
        cp ${i}_Forward_Trimmed.fa ../Aling/Input_Muscle/${i}_Input.fa >> ../REVERSE_COMP/${i}_Reverse_RevComp.fa
        usr/bin/muscle3.8.31_i86linux64 -in ../Aling/Input_Muscle/${i}_Input.fa -out ../Align/${i}_CONSENSUS.fa

        echo "Does not exist"

But but something seems to be wrong with the if statement.. Bash returns the following error:

muscle_test.sh: line 8: syntax error in conditional expression
muscle_test.sh: line 9: syntax error near `then'
muscle_test.sh: line 9: `   then'

I've been gooling about writing an AND operator in of but it seems to be ok, I'm not sure what's wrong there. Any idea?

Thank you

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Looks like you forgot the space before closing brace. It should be so

if [[ -r "${i}_Forward_Trimmed.fa" && -r ../REVERSE_COMP/"${i}_Reverse_RevComp.fa" ]]
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