I'm new to Unix and shell scripting, I'm able to run a code from terminal but the same command giving error when run in a shell script.

diff <((sort doc1) <(sort doc2)) | grep -x '.\{6\}' >sample.txt

I'm getting this error when I run the shell:

/App$ sh filediff.sh 
filediff.sh: 4: filediff.sh: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
  • The double brackets in diff <((sort doc1) <(sort doc2)) don't look reasonable. – Tomasz Dec 21 '16 at 6:48

When you run your diff command in normal shell, you are using the current shell (mostly bash).

You indent to use a bash shell for your script, but if you call your script with "sh filediff.sh" you call a sh-Shell, which is a bit different from bash.

You can call your script with

bash filediff.sh

or you make it executable with

chmod +x filediff.sh

and call it with


The diff command works for analyzing two files and prints the lines that are different. You are not providing proper input files to diff command:

Simple modified working script is:

sort doc1 | tee tempdoc1
sort doc2 | tee tempdoc2
diff tempdoc1 tempdoc2 | grep -x '.\{6\}'  > sample.txt
echo "Following is difference:"
cat sample.txt

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