I'd like to check for git repositories with uncommited changes on shutdown and if there are such repositories - print them and give user ability to decide what to do - resume shutdown or abort it.

I've made a function that checks for uncommited repos. Here it is in case someone is interested


find_uncommited() {
        if [ -n "$1" ];then
            local root_path=$1
            local root_path=$(pwd)
        eval local trash='~/.local/*'
        find $root_path -type d -not -path $trash -iname '.git' 2>/dev/null | \
            xargs -I {} $SHELL -c \
            'dir=$(dirname {});cd $dir;uncommited=$(git ls-files --modified --deleted --exclude-standard --others;git log @{push}.. 2>/dev/null);if [ -n "$uncommited" ];then echo $dir;fi'

I know that I can put some script into rc0 and somehow named it in such way that it would be invoked before unmounting drives, but I don't think it can be interactive.

Then there's this answer

Which gaved me idea that I can some some service that would listen to dbus shutdown event from unity and ... And then what exactly? How to make this interactive for user? I can probably write python gui app for that, but maybe there is a simpler pure shell way?

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Store script in /etc/init.d

Also try to use absolute paths for your command, while quoting the other variable as well.

Give Proper File Permission to Execute

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