I'm setting up limited accounts on my arch linux build to run proprietary software such as games or windows binaries. These restricted accounts won't have read/write access in my personal folders or any other areas in my OS that I've deemed sensitive.

I'd be using the following command to run applications as a limited user:

bash -c 'xhost +local:steam;sudo -u steam -H steam /home/limited.users/steam'

This would of course require that I input my sudo password every time I launch something as a restricted users.

Trying to find a way around having to put that password all the time, I ended up coming across this article that was trying to do the exact same things as I was:

How to run Spotify and Wine under a separate user account

In a section called Permit your own user account to launch commands under the wine account, he suggest to edit visudo and add the following line at the end:

his exmaple:

bob ALL=(wine) NOPASSWD: ALL

more generically:


The prospect of being able to run apps as another user with less privileges than my own account without a PW is harmless to me. That being said, I don't have a very thorough understanding of visudo and I wanted to know if this line will do anything other than that?

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bob ALL=(wine) NOPASSWD: /home/limited.users/steam

the key point is you can replace ALL by a comma separated list of command allowed.

Note that if there are other entries for bob without NOPASSWD, the rules without NOPASSWD may need to come first.


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