I just tried installing Debian Stretch alpha8 today using the netinstaller. So far so good, the installation went through just fine.

I used the advaced graphical installer and did not select to install a desktop environment as I would not need it (OS will be used as a hypervisor). So I selected to install an ssh server instead.

After the installation finished and my server rebooted, I am presented with this:

enter image description here

I expected to get a local console / login on the physical machine at least (when not installing a desktop environment) but there is none.

I can login using ssh just fine but I would like to have a local fallback soloution, is this possible? What do I have to select to get basically a "Debian Server" (like a Ubuntu Server) with a local console? Is it even supposed to look like this?

  • Neither does ALT + CTRL + F1/F2 .... anything. Neither an installation using LVM nor using the physical disc directly change anything here.
    – Flatron
    Dec 19, 2016 at 22:51

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Well apparently it turned out that Debian Stretch aplha8 does not support a NVIDIA GTX 970 graphics card ... ... ... Setting the primary graphics to Intel's internal graphics did the trick...

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