showmount only list me NFS mounts. I also want such a list for samba shares. How can this be done?


The answer should be a simple mount -t <fs_type>:

mount -t cifs

You will have the exact list of mounted smb filesystem (that is cifs type).

This option is available at least on Linux and FreeBSD.


mount will show you all the mounts on your system, including smb mounts. You can easily find them just by looking at the list, but if you want to see only smb mounts, you can try something like:

mount -v | grep -i 'type smb'

or, if they are CIFS mounts not smbfs:

mount -v | grep -i 'type cifs'
mount -v | grep -i -e 'type smb' -e 'type cifs'

If you used Nautilus to connect to the smb server, then the following command might be useful:

mount -v | grep -i 'gvfs'

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