I have grub installed on /dev/sdb1
I have swap on /dev/sdb2
I have archlinux / on /dev/sdb3
I have windows on /dev/sdb4

When I didn't install windows, the system booted on grub, and then it booted on arch.

Now I've installed windows; first, I couldn't boot on grub at all.

Then, I've chrooted and grub-install, grub-mkconfig, etc.. I've set the /dev/sdb1 to bootable.

Now, it boot to /dev/sdb1, but it show only Windows entry, and when I chroot into arch, I do os-prober, genfstab, etc, it don't want to work... It only show me windows on /dev/sdb4.


I've found the solution ! I don't know if it's the cleanest, but it worked.

I modified grub.cfg with a LiveUSB Linux, and i manually added an entry to the GRUB Menu :D !

Now it works like if the OS Prober detected Arch Linux, but i added it manually.

Thanks to the helpers !

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