There is a server having an interesting problem (a few other had the problem too). We think that SAP takes almost all the paging, but we cannot say that 100%, because when this problem occurs, even a "ps -ef" won't run on the system because the command will hang!

During the problem (before a reboot, because a reboot fixes the problem), how can I do a dump, that the developers later can analyze?

So far I read that if a:

sysdumpstart -p

is executed the AIX will do a dump and reboot after it:

-p  Initiates a system dump and writes the results to the primary dump device.

Question: but is this enough? (the "sysdumpstart -p" command) Will it creates a dump that will store the SAP related infos too, to later debug?

12:root@SERVER:/root # sysdumpdev -l
primary              /dev/lg_dumplv
12:root@SERVER:/root # sysdumpdev -e
Estimated dump size in bytes: 4660710604
12:root@SERVER:/root # 

The lg_dumplv is 12288 MByte sized, so it should be enough.

After the reboot, I will find the dump files in the "/var/adm/ras/vmcore.x" ? Or there is an additional command to put the dump to the FS from the dump lv?

  • wouldn't the periodic nmon logging help you easily highlight the offending process ? – steve Dec 22 '16 at 21:46
sysdumpstart -p

it took about ~22 minutes to do this 4 GByte sized one. It automatically reboots after the dump! After reboot, save the dump from the dumpLV to a file.

smitty dump
Copy a system dump from a dump device to a file

trying to get a developer who can analyze the dump file :) opening software call.

How to force a system dump: https://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=isg3T1019210

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