How would I prepare ALT Linux Rescue disc to install Linux for dual boot with Windows 10? Ideally, the USB thumb drive should boot in UEFI mode for a GPT type hdd. The note on UEFI specifies:

↑ with dd(8) or win32diskimager

How would I use dd to write to a USB flash drive so that I don't have to disable secure boot?

Possible answer here:

1.1. Example via terminal

You can do something like the following if 604A-00EA is your USB drive and you already have p7zip installed:

$ 7z x ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.iso -o/media/$USER/604A-00EA/

That's it? This approach would work for most any live distro?

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    The ubuntu iso should be > = 12.04.2 to support the UEFI boot – GAD3R Dec 17 '16 at 9:42

The ISO must be a hybrid ISO. Alt Linux is one of them

The stick should be unmounted.

As root:

cat /path/to/the.iso >/dev/sdx && sync 

Replace sdx with yours. If you need to use sudo, the redirection needs to happen as root:

sudo sh -c 'cat /path/to/the.iso >/dev/sdx' && sync 

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