I know I can use Redhat and CentOS rpms on my CentOS 6.7/6.8 systems.

However, I feel I can only trust rpms that come from the redhat and centos web sites, or other reliable/known-to-me sites.

Now I need to install tcl, and I am not finding it.

What is the normal, reasonably secure way to find rpms, for tcl and other business apps?

(For installing Redis, I switched to building from source, because I went crazy chasing rpms)

  • Better you bought RHEL from RedHat and got all rpm from Redhat Network.I knew how to get tcl rpm package.But I didnt know secure or unsecure rpm package.I used Centos/SL for testing not Critical Server.
    – supriady
    Dec 16, 2016 at 16:11

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tcl is present on the CentOS repo.


tcl rpms

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