I have a multi columns csv file, comma separated which has two columns with different date (mm/dd/yyyy). I am going to identify the difference between these two date. following is the example:

echo filename

I wonder is there anyway to use awk command to get the date difference.

I tried this awk command but I am sure it is not the correct way?

awk -F, '{print $1","$2","$3-$4}' filename
  • As far as I know AWK doesn't have date manipulating functions. You could do it in a more powerful scripting language like Python, Perl, Ruby, etc – shadowtalker Dec 16 '16 at 2:50

Assuming you want the difference in days, then if you have GNU awk (gawk) you could do something like

gawk -F, '
    t1 = mktime(sprintf("%d %d %d 0 0 0 0",a[3],a[1],a[2])); 
    t2 = mktime(sprintf("%d %d %d 0 0 0 0",b[3],b[1],b[2])); 
    print (t2-t1)/86400
' filename

The mktime argument needs to be a string of the format "YYYY MM DD HH MM SS [DST]"; setting the optional DST flag to zero tells it to ignore daylight savings (otherwise the naive division by 86400 results in fractional days).

See Gawk: Effective AWK Programming, 9.1.5 Time Functions

  • @ steeldriver Thanks a lot for the information and kind help. – Daniel Dec 16 '16 at 14:58
  • @Daniel you're welcome - note that (to avoid surprises) you should probably check the return values of the mktime calls to confirm that the strings were parsed successfully – steeldriver Dec 16 '16 at 17:11

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