What's the best way to merge X MP3 files? Same length. I don't want to concatenate them, basically just want to merge/overlay them

Any suggestions?


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The operation you want is technically called mixing, not "merging".

The command-line tool sox can do it. The GUI application Audacity can do it.


You can use audacity and merge the MP3s manually or via its scripting. In order to support MP3 Import/Export, you will need specifically the audacity-freeworld package, since it is compiled against FFMpeg.

Using GUI

  1. File -> Import -> Audio -> (select mp3 file)
  2. Repeat for each file
  3. File -> Export Audio -> Select Mp3 format and save

Using script

It seems to be possible to use perl scripts to interface with Audacity. For more details of how to enable this read here:

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