Using a NAS device which provides samba/smb services, mounts to a Slackware box work, but the ownership is root, and users don't have permission to write.


mount -t cifs // /u/NAS1 -o rw, user=joeuser,password=passjoe,domain=MYSMBGROUP

Mounts with /u/NAS1 with a uid,gid of root,root and users cannot write or create directories on the NAS. I have looked around with google and cannot find this exact situation with a solution. On Slackware 14, it appears that only root can mount.

I also tried using file_mode=0775,dir_mode=0775, and was still unable to create files or directories.

My question is, how do I control the mounted uid,gid, so that I can have users in the gid write to the drive?


Not sure why, but I did get the right response when I did:

mount -t cifs // /u/NAS1 -o uid=100,gid=100

The NAS is now mounted with that user,group, and I will work on permissions so that group members can modify. I guess I just asked too early in my frustration process. (grin)

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