I understand by installing dstat, iostat I can get the disk activity stats information. However, now I am hoping to minimize the dependencies as I don't want to force my script users to install additional stuff. So I'm wondering if there is any way to read the disk stats information from somewhere in /proc/? Thanks.


You can find disk statistics in two places.

  • /sys/block/<dev>/stat
  • /proc/diskstats

Whereas /proc/diskstats represents the statistics of each single block device including partitions and device mapper devices.
Unfortunately these numbers do not provide per second statistics but a grand total of the single statistics. So you would have to write a script that monitors the figures over a given time, then do the math to get a per second result. This job is done by dstat and iostat. A more comprehensive description of these files can be found in the kernel documentation Documentation/block/stat.txt and Documentation/iostats.txt.

Most users want to install the packages containing iostatas the dependencies aren't too huge. dstat depends on pyhton2 but most distros have python2 installed anyways.

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