This has happened to me before, but I wasn't able to google a proper answer: I didn't have a habit of locking my widgets in KDE(Needless to say, I do now) and once in a blue moon I delete an icon from my Search & Launch strip that's positioned right below the task manager. I try launching a program, but sometimes I hit the "minus" sign and adios, icon! Is there a way to undelete it and get it back? My screen looks kind of like this. I've scoured all the configuration files in the .kde directory in the hopes of finding a list of my current icons. So far-zip-o! I frequently back up my home directory so I might find my original list of icons there if only I knew where to look! Is there such a file? This might be the most improper forum for such comments, but at times like these I dearly miss Windows!


Got it! Here's the file that I was looking for. If you have the same setup mentioned in this post, this might be useful to you: on line 531 of the ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc file is a list of your "stripwidget favoUrites". This is where your Search & Launch icons are stored(in logical order, of course), among all the other, useful settings!

I just popped into the backup file and found what I needed.

PS: If there's another way to go about the situation, ie. something lame like "taking the icon out of the trash and putting it back into the launcher"-please, do chime in!

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