lsdev|wc -l
lsdev: 0514-521 Cannot find information in the predefined device
        configuration database for the customized device pkcs11.

If I remove with odmdelete the pkcs11 device(or pseudodevice), then at reboot it is re-created and gives me this error again. I know it is an ssl-related device, but why does it give me this error if the device is in the ODM?

 odmget -q name=pkcs11  CuDv

        name = "pkcs11"
        status = 0
        chgstatus = 3
        ddins = "pkcs11"
        location = ""
        parent = ""
        connwhere = ""
        PdDvLn = "adapter/pseudo/pkcs11"
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    the security.pkcs11 fileset is installed? (lslpp -l security.pkcs11 says "APPLIED" or "COMMITTED" ?) – Jeff Schaller Dec 14 '16 at 19:02
  • No it wasn't,after installed I resolve – elbarna Dec 15 '16 at 0:31

As Jeff Schaller mentions - the cause is probably a missing fileset.

To answer your question - the error message is occurring because lsdev is trying - and failing to find anything - with something similar to:

odmget -q uniquetype="adapter/pseudo/pkcs11" PdDv

If you can get to installp sources I would expect the fileset security.acf - as I see 23 odmadd stanzas in that fileset:

root@x062:[/export/lpp/7103/installp/ppc/xx/usr/lpp/security.acf]grep -c "adapter/pseudo/pkcs11" * | grep -v :0

And, if I wanted to install security.pkcs11 I would have to search further - my installp sources only contain an update. (The :S: (2nd and 3rd lines) indicates only an update, while :I: (1st line) indicates a base install

root@x062:[/export/lpp/7103/installp/ppc]installp -d . -L | grep "security\."
security.acf:security.acf: Device Driver ::::0:1341:
security.acf:security.acf: Device Driver::::0:1524:
security.pkcs11:security.pkcs11: Libraries::::0:1415:

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