So I have a file with contents in the following format,

randomString abc\/def/ghi/mno\/pq/r   abc\/def\/ghi/mno\/pq/r

My intention is to replace all occurrences of / with \/ between two alpha-numeric strings if the ending word does not have a \ or /, so ideally, it should be

randomString abc\/def\/ghi\/mno\/pq/r   abc\/def\/ghi\/mno\/pq/r

I was able to nearly achieve the result using this regEx

perl -pe 's/(\/\w+)\/(\w+\/|\w+\\)/$1\\\/$2/g' file

which is returning me

randomString abc\/def\/ghi/mno\/pq/r   abc\/def\/ghi\/mno\/pq/r

for some reason am not able to figure out why ghi/mno part of the string is not getting modified.

Am looking for a way to do this in perl command line.

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You could use lookarounds to replace only those forward slashes that are:

  • (?<!\\) not preceded by a backslash
  • (?!\w+\s) not followed by word characters terminating in whitespace


echo 'randomString abc\/def/ghi/mno\/pq/r   abc\/def\/ghi/mno\/pq/r' |
  perl -pe 's;(?<!\\)/(?!\w+\s);\\/;g'
randomString abc\/def\/ghi\/mno\/pq/r   abc\/def\/ghi\/mno\/pq/r
  • Really appreciate this style, but really want to fix what was wrong with my regEx, am really trying to improve on that way! Thanks!
    – Inian
    Dec 14, 2016 at 17:02

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