I have configured an Ubuntu server (16.04.1), with minimum dependencies, to be able to run Google Chrome on that server via the command line.

I installed: X11, Xvfb, xorg, and Google Chrome, but when I try to start Chrome, I receive the error message:

[ERROR:browser_main_loop.cc(265)] Gtk: cannot open display.

I could use any hint about what's wrong or steps that I can follow to start Chrome on a server.

  • Don't forget the 'Gtk libraries... – jc__ Dec 13 '16 at 14:45
  • This Q/A may help. – jc__ Dec 13 '16 at 15:03

You need to install and start a desktop environment then run Google Chrome within it. You can choose from any one really but if you want something lightweight like lxde.

sudo apt-get install lxde

Install that and then add exec startlxde, on its own line, to the end of the ~/.xsession file.

Finally run startx and then from within lxde run Google Chrome.

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You must of course start a graphical session before starting Google Chrome; for example, startx. Then launch the browser from withing the graphical session.

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