I want to send input from one script to another through shell scripts

when I stop this script it display the message do u want to continue

$MAIN_SCRIPT_PATH/first.sh stop

I am stopping the script using another script.I need to send yes to this script first.sh. How I will do this?

when stopping the first.sh it ask for user input. do you want to continue? I should send yes....


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You could try writing to stdin of the script and see if that works. For example,

echo yes | $MAIN_SCRIPT_PATH/first.sh stop

Otherwise, there are programs like expect which allow you to wait for certain prompts before emulating user input.

Also, that's a poorly written script if it is asking for confirmation to stop without giving any additional options. See if first.sh --help displays any additional info around skipping the user input. There's typically a -y / -q / -s option to scripts which silence user input.


On linux, the coreutils package ships even the yes command. So you would run:

yes | $MAIN_SCRIPT_PATH/first.sh stop

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