I'm trying to process an m3u playlist file structured as is:

#EXTING:193,Song name
#EXTING:201,Another song
/somewhere/in/a directory/song2.mp3

The aim is, for every line containing a path, remove the path and keep only filename and extension. For example, the file above would become:

#EXTING:193,Song name
#EXTING:201,Another song

I tried with awk several variations, the closest I could get was this one:

awk '{if ((NR % 2 == 1) && (NR != 1)){print "$(basename $0)"}else{print}}' playlist.m3u

The if/else structure is ok, only the "print basename" thing doesn't work, and I have to admit that shell is not my strong suit ;)

Can someone help?

Thanks a lot!

  • seems, he wants the # line also.. awk -F/ '!/^#/{$0=$NF}1' playlist.m3u – Kamaraj Dec 13 '16 at 0:15
awk -F/ '!/^#/{$0=$NF}1' playlist.m3u

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