I'm using dnsmasq as a DNS server only (no dhcp), mapping Lan's hostnames to relative ip using /etc/hosts, but in the same Lan there's some ip assigned dynamically by a router (and I'd like to keep so, I don't want to use dnsmasq'd dhcp but I want to keep the ip dynamic).

Any way to map a MAC-address with a hostname so the DNS can respond correctly for a dynamically assigned ip?

I seen the documentation of dnsmasq and played around with /etc/ethers and dhcp-host= but the former is only for MAC->ip (not hostname) and the latter only if dhcp is enabled, so far found nothing else.

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Solved, see poor-mans-device-discovery-dns new link

Use dnsmasq's option addn-hosts=/etc/dyn.hosts to read an additional hosts file, which is generated periodically using the command arp-scan (and cron or whatever).


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