Ranger is a file manager using Miller columns to navigate between the tree.

It has an external script called scope.sh that previews files utilizing external applications such as the .torrent files with transmission-show.

I've installed all the dependencies, that is the external binaries for it to function, but the file manager, that's ranger doesn't preview those files.

I checked ~/.config/ranger/ contents, and it turns out the script (scope.sh) is absent there.

I am on Fedora 25 and I have installed ranger normally through dnf install ranger -y.

Please help me with providing scope.sh file.

As I think that's the reason why ranger doesn't preview those files.


For anyone else having the same problem/question, you can run ranger --copy-config=fileyouwant where fileyouwant = all (for all the config files), commands, rc, rifle, scope. That command should copy the default configuration file(s) of your choice to ~/.config/ranger/ . For more information look through the manpage (man ranger)

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I found the file, that is scope.sh inside the archive, within /ranger/data/ directory. Not it shows the syntax highlighting, .tar content, and .torrent information as well.

I mean I found and extracted it from the archive and copied it to ~/.config/ranger/ directory where it should've been located.

For some reason I fail to understand, it didn't come with rpm installation through dnf on Fedora. Which is strange. But I'm happy that I finally could solve the issue, and did it by myself :P

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