I recently upgraded to fedora 25. Since then my VPN connection via openconnect (Cisco AnyConnect Compatible VPN) ceased to work.

When I now try to define a new equivalent VPN connection, I get the message

Error: unable to load VPN connection editor

This appears under both, Wayland and X. I have OpenConnect version v7.07; and I have NetworkManager-openconnect-1.2.4-1.fc25.x86_64.

Can you think of ways of getting the editor to work again? Or Can you point to a way to manually define such a connection, circumventing gnome?

  • Are you using Wayland?
    – Jakuje
    Dec 9 '16 at 11:51
  • actually, not. I edited my question respectively.
    – ingli
    Dec 9 '16 at 22:06

You need to install: NetworkManager-openconnect-gnome


David above is correct. You need to install NetworkManager-openconnect-gnome.

sudo dnf install NetworkManager-openconnect-gnome

After I did this, the VPN settings dialog was restored, and I no longer had the "unable to load VPN connection editor" message.

Probably this is a new package for F25, so it wasn't already installed.


It seems that during upgrade to F25 fedora removes the NetworkManager-openconnect package, and you need to re-install it. There is an open bug for it at: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1398425

  • 1
    thanks, but that package is already installed.
    – ingli
    Dec 11 '16 at 9:21

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