I need to read list of files from another file and attach them together and send mail.

e.g. filenames.txt has:


Command or script should read from filenames.txt and attach file1,file2,file3 and file4 in email and send.


I recommend you to use mutt to send emails with attachments from scripts:

$ cat mail.txt | \
    mutt -s 'My Subject' \
      -a /path/file1 /path/file2 /path/file3 /path/file4 \
      -- email@example.com

You need to use -- to separate between the attached files and the destination address.


Personally I use mutt to read and send mails. Assuming that your file filenames.txt is:


I would write:

mutt -s "Subject" -a $(<filenames.txt) -- dest@example.com < mailbody.txt

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