The package I'm working on uses Autotools -- autoconf, libtools, configure, etc. I'm developing with MinGW-W64 on Windows XP sp3.

In it's infinite wisdom, libtools has decided that my system files (NATIVE_SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR) are in /mingw/include. This directory does not exist in the MinGW-W64 constellation. There are mingw32 and mingw64, of course... And I can see using mingw as an alias to be pointed where needed.

So I edited C:\msys32\etc\fstab to add an entry C:\msys32\mingw32\ /mingw figuring that was the quickest way past the problem, and an easy thing to change if I start compiling 64 bit versions.

This had no effect. It is as if the MSYS2 startup ignores a mingw entry as a special case under "things that may be a potential problem" (like the cygwin directories).

Can anyone explain what's happening? Is the a "correct" way to bring mingw/include into existence so libtools will get what it needs?

BTW, being too new to add tags, I observe that the tags available to me are incorrect/ambiguous. MSYS2 is different than it's historical predecessor MSYS. Likewise, mingw is not mingw-w64. I regret any misleading tags.

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