I'm using Exagear desktop to run Skype on RPI3 (Raspbian/Debian). I have some naive users also using the system because of which I want to load both of them on boot (maybe delayed startup service).

I understand how to create a script to be run on startup and also possibly delay it so the dependencies are completely loaded but I don't know how to script to have skype startup withing exagear in the same startup script.

Right now what I do to luanch them is to use the GUI shortcut to run exagear -> it opens a terminal -> I verify 'arch' has switched over from arm to x86-> run 'skype'.

I would appreciate any guidance.

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To run x86 app from ARM terminal use the following command: 'exagear -- /usr/bin/skype'

The last part is the path to your x86 app binary inside the guest x86 system. You can find it if you type 'which skype' in x86 terminal.

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