Users are only allowed via SFTP and only with pubkey. There is 1 UNIX user on the system and many ssh pubkeys in the authorized_keys file.

Q: How can I prevent the users to download the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file? I know it is needed for login, but I want to restrict them, so they will not know who is allowed on the SFTP server.

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You can configure your server to find this file somewhere else (out of the users home) using for example:

AuthorizedKeysFile /etc/ssh/authorized_keys/%u

Still these files would be readable for the users. The other possibility is to use

AuthorizedKeysCommand /usr/sbin/get_user_keys
AuthorizedKeysCommandUser dedicated_user

And the command /usr/sbin/get_user_keys will fetch the keys for users from different location (for example the above) using dedicated user. The logging user will not be able to see the other keys.

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