i am using i3wm and guake. I always use tmux inside guake to have split functionality detach function etc is there a way to start guake by default tmux running ?


You can set tmux on Guake Preferences (guake-prefs): Guake Preferences

Or use friendly Byobu, which use tmux as default backend (change this with byobu-select-backend). Take a look at my answer here if you prefer this way.


Do you start guake automatically with your Desktop-session? Then yes write in $HOME/.config/autostart/guake.desktop by the Key Exec Exec=guake -e tmux If not cp /usr/share/applications/guake.desktop $HOME/.local/share/applications/guake.desktop and make the change there.

  • i was starting it using i3 config file so guake -e tmux did the job :) – nikoss Dec 6 '16 at 14:50

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