I read the post Differences between %pre and %post in Kickstart on CentOS?, which includes the following statement: %post runs chrooted into the new install root, or it can run in the root of anaconda (with %post --nochroot), where you can access the files you might have created/saved during %pre.

How can these files be accessed, exactly? Can I access these files (which were created during %pre) in an RPM package %post scriptlet? If so, how?


Kickstart and RPM are different beasts. %pre and %post section of Kickstart is totally different from %pre and %post of RPM package. They have the same name, more or less similar purpose (doing something before and after), but are part of different objects.

If you want to save/restore state between %pre and %post in RPM package then see: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:Scriptlets#Saving_state_between_scriptlets

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