I'm a gentoo user and I've become I a bit tired of copying my kernel config file when a new kernel comes out. I wonder if it's possible to pipe the configuration file to genkernel directly. Something like this:

sudo genkernel --install --clean --kernel-config=$(gunzip/proc/config.gz) --menuconfig all

or this:

zcat /proc/config.gz | sudo genkernel --install --clean --kernel-config=- --menuconfig all

But I can't get it to work since I'm not really that good at piping/shell scripting. Any ideas?

EDIT: with $(gunzip /proc/config.gz) it says gzip: /proc/config: No such file or directory. But it's untrue since zcat /proc/config.gz prints all my settings

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Your shell invocation is wrong.

$(gunzip /proc/config.gz) -> this tries to /proc/config.gz to /proc/config. Nothing is sent to stdout, but stderr does get triggered in this case, because it's not permitted to make new files in /proc (that's the no such file or directory error).

You have to tell genkernel to read a file descriptor (it doesn't support - as a shortcut for stdin) for the config, so you have two options:

  1. Pipes:
zcat /proc/config.gz | sudo genkernel --install \
--clean --kernel-config=/dev/stdin --menuconfig all
  1. Process substitution:
sudo genkernel --install --clean \
--kernel-config=<(zcat /proc/config.gz) --menuconfig all

I'd suggest the latter, but would also like to point out that by default, genkernel saves every kernel config to /etc/kernels/, and you can source them from there:

sudo genkernel --install --clean \
--kernel-config=/etc/kernels/kernel-config-$(uname -m)-$(uname -r) \
--menuconfig all

(beware if you change config options and rebuild the same kernel, it overwrites the previous file in that directory, by design).

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