On my upgraded Fedora 25 system, I encounter a problem when logging in with my main user identity: it takes literally 2-4 minutes to start (i.e. to get me into the gnome shell). Logging in as other users (that basically have not customised their gnome shells), takes only a few seconds.

Disabling gnome extensions does not make a difference.

Logging in as the main user with the gnome x legacy session (x org) takes only a few seconds (as before upgrading).

Sorry, this is not yet a fully formed question. (please help)

One starting question is: which log files (etc) could I investigate?

Another question: what immediate actions could I take to speed wayland starting up?


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SELinux is an important part of security. You should try F1 to read the boot sequence during boot and your /var/log/messages to be sure it comes from SELinx and if yes how to enable SELinux on some part of your system to keep it safe.

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