I have some AAC files which I've extracted with MP4Box form MP4 videos. I've been trying to find a (preferably GUI) application to tag them with a title, year etc. - and failing:

  • Amarok - pretends to be able to edit AAC tags, not actually writing them.
  • EasyTag - makes me rename the files to .mpa to notice them; then, also, supposedly tags them, but when you try to save the changes it says it fails to write the changes.
  • puddletag - doesn't see AAC/M4A files
  • Kid3 - Supposedly edits tags (inconvenient interface, by the way), but when you commit the changes and reload the file - they're gone.
  • ExFalso - doesn't see AAC/M4A file

Is AAC tagging support really that bad? Am I doing something wrong? Should I use other apps/tools?

  • Supposedly picard can do that, but I personally haven't used it with AAC files. – Satō Katsura Dec 3 '16 at 12:25

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