I'm a big fan of using bash's pushd, popd, and dirs program set. However, I tend to use it so much, that the list of directories becomes too hard to read through.

It would be nice if I could get the dirs operation to use aliases in addition to the default home directory ~. For example, if I move around a lot in the subdirectories of ~/Documents/MyBaseDir/MyCodeCheckout, then instead of...

user1> dirs
~/Documents/MyBaseDir/MyCodeCheckout/src/main/resource, ~/Documents/MyBaseDir/MyCodeCheckout/src/test/java/testdir1

...I'd like to get dirs (and pushd and popd) to display something like:

user1> dirs
~code1/src/main/resource, ~code1/src/test/java/testdir1

Notice in this post, that the latter output doesn't even need a scroll bar. In the typical command prompt window, it would cut down significantly on wrapping, which is a pain to decipher.

I've recently found the -v flag to the dirs command, which makes the above output look like this:

user1> dirs -v
0  ~/Documents/MyBaseDir/MyCodeCheckout/src/main/resource
1  ~/Documents/MyBaseDir/MyCodeCheckout/src/test/java/testdir1

This would be sufficient, and I can get this behavior by default by using:

alias dirs='dirs -v'

The only downside to that is that I can't find a way to get pushd or popd to use the same format when they display the same list. Despite bash documentation saying that a dirs operation is performed upon successful completion of both commands, it seems that the alias above does not expand into their realm.

Any further ideas would be appreciated.

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