I have a 210 dpi display. I noticed that in all desktop environments xorg forces the dpi to be just 96 and that I need to scale things x2 to be seen reasonably and fonts are being drawn with 192 dpi. As far as I know this implies two things:

  1. Images and UI are being stretched so I don't get the actual resolution of the screen but something 2 times worse.
  2. 210/96 is not an integer so fonts and images are not going to be as crisp as they could be.

Am I getting this right? In that case, what alternatives do I have to solve this?

  • You can set the dpi both upon start of X (details depend on your system) and with xrandr -dpi 192. However, not all programs actually react to the dpi settings, so results may vary according the program and libraries used. Specifically, I have no idea how and under what circumstances fonts will be scaled. – dirkt Nov 29 '16 at 16:18

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