My printers.conf contains a short list of printers. When I open the Print menu of any application, a longer list of printers is shown. Besides those from printers.conf, there are some more from our corporate network. Through which mechanism does CUPS find those printers, which configuration files and parameters control this behavior, and how to switch it off?

My PC is fully administered by myself; it's running plain Debian. So the printer list is not pushed by the corporate IT. Rather my PC has retrieved this list from the network - against my intent, by some hidden mechanism.

[disclosure: also posted on AskUbuntu: https://askubuntu.com/q/854625]


Cups is getting the printers on the local network using avahi broadcasting, I think. You can configure cups to not "browse" by editing /etc/cups/cupsd.conf and changing the line Browsing On to

Browsing Off

and then restart the cups service.

  • How does the Browsing switch of cups relate to the package cups-browsed? – Joachim W Nov 30 '16 at 8:02
  • I don't know the details. This description seems to suggest it is to provide compatibility for older clients and older remote cups servers using a different protocol than the newer "bonjour". There's some more about it here. – meuh Nov 30 '16 at 9:07

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